Wittenstein After-Sales-Portal

Web-based portal for product identification and provision of tailored services

The challenge

The aim was to develop an application for the identification of Wittenstein products, which specifically supports commissioning employees and maintenance workers in after-sales tasks. One of the main challenges was to process the product-specific data from various data sources (including SAP, etc.) and to display it irrespective of the terminal device.

Wittenstein SE

WITTENSTEIN SE develops customer-specific products, systems and solutions for highly dynamic movement, precise positioning and intelligent networking in mechatronic drive technology.

How we helped

The web-based portal enables commissioning and maintenance engineers to have clear identification of Wittenstein products and provides individually tailored information and services for this purpose. The application was implemented in close collaboration between the agile development teams of WITTENSTEIN SE and XITASO. The cross-device & intuitive operating concept was developed on the basis of customer surveys and click prototypes.


C#.NET Angular ASP.NET Core SAP Azure Functions Azure App Service GraphQL

Custom-fit after-sales support

Whereas in the past, exact specifications for equipment had to be searched for labouriously in documentation, nowadays it is carried out quickly and precisely via the digital nameplate. To carry this out merely requires scanning the data matrix code with a Smartphone or entering a six character code.

When there is a Service enquiry e.g. on a return or a replacement product, the Wittenstein Service Team already have all required product data to hand and an indiviual offer can be created immediately.

Optimal Usability from Smartphone to Desktop

XITASO has examined the specific usability concepts and tasks of the target groups, in workshops and surveys. The results were implemented in quick click prototypes and tested for validation purposes. A non-device specific and intuitive operating concept was developed on this basis, which specifically supports commissioning and maintenance enginners with After Sales tasks.

In the Smartphone version folded tabs are displayed in order to keep the various portal functions in view, at a glance, and without scrolling. In the Desktop and Tablet version however, the portal functions are displayed in a 2 to 3 column tile grid.

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