Working at XITASO

Self-management in (r)evolutionary structures

Working at XITASO is characterized by beliefs that can be summarized under the term ‘New Work’. We see the person as a whole entity, who is not only doing a job, but following a calling. We realize that lifelong learning correlates with the natural curiosity of people and that they really blossom when they can create something meaningful.

We have three viewpoints to the structures of our company in which distribution of responsibilities and flat hierarchies provide a plethora of possibilities for self-organisation. This creates a space in which people can develop in the best possible way.


First viewpoint

No matter in which role you join us, as a XITASOnian you are always firmly anchored in a team and will quickly feel at home in day-to-day business. Each of our cross-functional teams organizes itself, makes decisions autonomously and bears the responsibility for content, quality and economic results of their projects.

We also arrange cross-team coordination through self-organisation, for example, when changing teams. In this way, the teams support each other and find the best solutions together.

The teams are supported by our Agile Coaches in these processes.

Numerous team events such as yoga, games and film evenings, regulars’ tables as well as excursions and trips are demonstrations of our team spirit and cohesion.


Second viewpoint

We shape XITASO together. Alongside the teams in which the project and day-to-day business takes place, we organize ourselves into communities. You can contribute to these according to your personal interests and strengths, during working hours.

Our more than 20 communities are responsible for topics such as DevOps, IT Security, Research & Innovation, Recruiting, Marketing or Sales. The communities generate and impart cross-team knowledge, improve processes, develop standards and drive forward company-wide strategies. So your commitment to the communities makes a central contribution to the continuous development and success of XITASO.

We use the OKR framework (Objectives and Key Results) to align our communities. This enables each and every XITASOnian to have transparency into what the various divisions of the organisation are currently working on.


Third viewpoint

At XITASO, a mentor is at your side right from the beginning in order to support you in your long term professional and personal development in the best possible way. We work agile, are self-organized and have flat hierarchies. But we know that self-organization doesn’t just come “by itself”!

In addition to your team members and our Agile Coaches, your personal mentor supports you in particular and helps you as a confidant and feedback provider on an equal footing, to find your own way in the agile environment.

And there’s more: We look forward to you slipping into the mentor role yourself at some point in order to expand your own communication and leadership skills, to support new colleagues and to exchange valuable feedback (in both directions) with your mentees. Because your role as a mentor also contributes to your personal development and the further development of XITASO. To this end, we offer you internal and external training as well as encouragement and regular exchange in order to support you in this role in the best possible way.

Your contact person

Selina Weinberger

Tel. +49 821 885882-338