User Experience Design

A structured and analytic work approach to software that inspires.

What is User Experience (UX)?

The User Experience describes the perceptions and reactions of a person that take place before, during and after use of an interactive system. So, you always. have a user experience. Now it comes down to whether it is positive or negative!

“You cannot not experience”

How do we at XITASO develop a positive User Experience?

User Research

We get to know users in all their facets and represent their views, wishes and needs in all respects during the development of their software, because software is developed for people.

Information Architectures

We identify the exchange of information between the user and the product and thus ensure an optimal dialogue between person and system.

Interaction Design

We define appropriate control elements and guarantee that users can interact with their software optimally and according to expectations.


We ensure that the product communicates in a language that is comprehensible to users and thereby supports them in the fulfillment of their task.

Prototyping & Usability Testing

We test our concepts with the user, early and iteratively to ensure we are on the right track. We can only achieve satisfied users in this way. And we always keep an eye on usability standards.

Visual Design

We design the user interface in such a way that it corresponds to the fundamental design principles, but additionally has a modern and aesthetic effect on its users and is designed for accessibility.

TOGETHER in the Team

We never develop a positive user experience alone. One can only achieve the best possible result and learn from each other together in a team with all the roles involved (users, clients, developers, product owners, agile coaches, UI/UX experts)!

How do we go about a project?

Why invest in User Experience Design?

A good User Experience

  • leaves users more satisfied, whether they be customer or staff
  • makes users faster
  • leads to savings in development costs and support costs
  • encourages customer loyalty and retention
  • strengthens brand loyalty

Which tools do we use?



What certification do we have?

International Standard

according to DIN EN ISO 9241-210

In a nutshell:

“User Experience Design”

UI/UX experts work closely with other disciplines to design products and services that make people’s lives easier, while always keeping the user in focus. Our UXQB-certified UI/UX experts work according to the internationally recognized standard DIN EN ISO 9241. This human-centered approach is the key to ergonomic, secure and aesthetic user interfaces.


Are you are interested in a project or do you have any other questions?

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