Standardized Digital Twin

Adding value to your business with a future-proof investment in Digital Twin technology

On the way to digitized production, the digital twin is one of the most important technological concepts. The digital image connects the physical asset with the world of IT and OT. In addition to optimizing processes, it enables a variety of innovative, new business models.

There are many possible use cases of the digital twin and fitting data architectures. The digital nameplate, for example, or the bill of materials, the product carbon footprint and a lot more. Before an implementation can begin, we work with you to find out what goal we are pursuing and which use cases lend themselves to it in order to create the perfect individual application.

  • The Digital Twin is the digital image of the real asset
  • Networking of a wide range of components in the IoT environment
  • Digital access instead of physical access
  • Fields of application along the entire life cycle of a plant: from planning to production, commissioning, productive operation and recycling
  • Easy data exchange through compatible standards
  • Various use cases with the appropriate data models

A variety of use cases are possible, here is a selection. Some data models are currently still under development.

A possible use case with enormous potential

The digital nameplate

As a manufacturer, you know exactly how much effort it takes to provide customers with product-related information and documentation. The digital nameplate is the solution to make the growing amount of data up to date and quickly and easily accessible for all parties involved. This includes, for example, core data, current operating data or specific documentation. 

QR code provides access to nameplate data

A scan of the QR code attached to the product provides the corresponding information on the smartphone or tablet. Data from a wide variety of sources can be integrated. Printed documentation is no longer necessary and saves production and distribution costs. Changes can be made easily, with immediate worldwide effect. 

Future-proof standardization

The solution that XITASO applies for such use cases is based on a standardized digital twin. The data is stored with the so-called asset administration shell technology, which in its function as a “data plug” ensures smooth communication, also with your existing systems. Thus, your investments in this technology are future-proof.

The digital nameplate as a use case of the digital twin

  • Directly accessible without searching, always up-to-date and in all languages
  • Reduction of production and distribution costs of printed documentation
  • Promoting sustainability by saving resources
  • Standardized formats for compatible networking with other systems
  • Breaking up data silos
  • Low entry barriers for first projects

Mnestix by XITASO

Stop worrying about the “right” implementation of the Digital Twin

We use Mnestix to create and manage asset administration shells for your processes or products and to provide their information to devices or via interfaces. And it does so in a standard-compliant way with the help of ready-made templates for the submodels that can be easily adapted – a standardized digital twin.

Standardized and compatible.

We know the specifications and take this work off your hands

Future-proof standards for the implementation of a digital twin

Compatible for data exchange, even in the future

Quick at the start.

Easy to get started quickly with pre-built, standards-compliant templates 

One-click deployment for proven and easy implementation in the shortest time possible

Scalable, with your data sovereignty.

Highly scalable cloud application

Storage and computing power scales with your needs

Start with small test projects possible

Mnestix Template Builder

Submodels (templates) for typical applications, which will be further supplemented in the future

Select templates and change or add to them for your own purposes

Mnestix Repository

For operational use one of the most important parts of Mnestix

Store asset administration shells according to standards

Cloud storage in your own tenant or optionally on-premises

Mnestix Viewer

Display of information from the digital twin on devices

For example, retrieval via QR code on products

High-end software engineering around your digital twin

How to get started with us

Identify use cases

What is the vision behind your project and which use cases can achieve the added value you expect as quickly and easily as possible? In various workshop formats, we find out these framework conditions and create a roadmap on the way to successful implementation.

Software architecture consulting

We examine the questions of how a digital twin application can best fit into your existing IT and OT landscape and which assets are best suited for it. Or, of course, how we further develop systems and their architectures to be a future-proof and powerful basis for the further applications.

Data sources and structures

Data and its handling are at the heart of applications. From which different data sources do we receive which information – and how do we handle it? We deal here with ETL processes, data modelling, data interfaces and live data, among other things.

Implementation of the digital twin with standardized asset administration shell

When designing the data structures of the Digital Twin and the storage, we rely on standardized asset administration shells (AAS). With our Mnestix software solution, we rely on solid standards so that a future-proof investment in digital twin technology is possible for you.

Integration with existing systems

Networking systems and combining and interpreting data is a core discipline of Industry 4.0 solutions, especially with the digital twin. We can network components, machines and plants via intelligent interfaces and adapters and combine data in a meaningful way. This also includes ERP, MES or CRM systems, for example SAP.

Implementation of the application

This is about the concrete implementation of your application with our software engineering competences.

Our offer for you

  • Impulse workshop at the start of the project
  • Use case workshop to identify the relevant use cases
  • Digital Twin roadmap workshop
  • Architecture consulting

When will you start with your digital twin?

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