Agile innovation methods

With the pulse of the times to new business models

Why should it be up to start-ups to bring innovative innovations to the market? Can’t the creative potential of your own employees be increased? Our experts bring their methodological expertise and diverse experience from digitization projects.

In this way, we offer the space in which thoughts can take shape; away from the day-to-day business. In doing so, we respond individually to your needs. This creates innovative products and services with game changer potential, which will advance your company against the competition!

Idea workshops

Very often it is the tasks from the day-to-day business routine that prevent the relevant persons from working with the necessary focus on the development of new ideas. Our idea workshops, which can be held on our premises if so desired, offer space and time for this. Professional moderation and results assurance ensure that innovative ideas come from the minds of the people onto the paper, efficiently. Duration: 4 to 6 hours.

Design Sprints

If you want to go even further, we can organize a whole design sprint for you. In five days, your domain experts will develop a testable prototype in hackathon-mannered technology and methodology with tool-based user feedback. The intense week also provides many additional, valuable insights. On this basis, it is easy to define the further product strategy.

Product strategy

The most important aspect of the product strategy is the so-called product vision. It sets the direction for the following conception and development and is therefore of crucial importance for agile projects. For the purpose of transparent communication for all project participants, we standardize the jointly developed product vision with the Product Vision Template. In addition to the actual idea, this sharpens the focus on the target group, the product promise, as well as the business goals that your company pursues with it.

Together with our partners at Vindelici Advisors, we are happy to go one step further and evaluate the market situation, the cost structure and the sources of income for you, using Lean Canvas.

The XITASO Difference

We’re not just starting, we’re moving on

Often good ideas get stuck in their infancy – the hurdle to the market-ready product seems too big. Our cross-functional team approach allows the concepts from idea and strategy discovery to flow directly into an initial product backlog. In this way, scaling to market-ready software succeeds within a few development sprints.