Usability optimization

With the user in focus to achieve the best usability

Do you want easy and intuitive interfaces for your complex applications? Want to promote brand loyalty, employee satisfaction, and customer loyalty through an outstandingly positive user experience, and thus increase work performance and productivity while saving on development and support costs?

Our UI/UX experts see themselves as representatives of the user throughout the project. By knowing exactly the user’s goals, tasks and environment, they can mint the digital product precisely to its needs in conception and draft.

Usability or User Experience?

Usability determines to what extent a product or system corresponds to the attributes of efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction in use. In order to investigate this, both the usage group and the usage environment are decisive. Usability therefore only refers to the period of time during use.

The user experience describes the perceptions and reactions of a person that take place before, during and after use with an interactive system.

High usability levels as a feature of operational application software is not a random result, but rather the result of a systematic approach to development. Our UXQB-certified UI/UX experts work according to the internationally recognized standard DIN EN ISO 9241. The key to ergonomic, safe and aesthetic user interfaces is this human-centered approach with the following steps:

  • Usage context analysis
  • Usage-oriented requirements
  • Design
  • Evaluation

The XITASO Difference

UI/UX and development from a single source

Through the symbiosis of UI/UX experts, developers and the customer, our work process ensures a balance between meeting user needs, using appropriate technologies and our customers’ business goals. Through our processes and tools, we seamlessly integrate the developed and proven design concepts into the development. We do not have complex coordination and external dependencies between designers and programmers. This allows us to switch from prototypes to productive software early on and, if necessary, to further iterate.

Focus on the user

Early iteration of click dummies and prototypes will prevent high change costs later on. Close exchanges with software architects and developers ensure that the concepts are efficient and effective. The key to success is the involvement of actual users of the product to be developed in the process. This means that representative users must be explicitly consulted and involved in each step.

To analyze the usage context, we conduct interviews or observe users in day-to-day business. Based on the analysis, we create a well-founded documentation, which describes the user groups as representatives through Empathy Maps, User Journeys and Personas. To evaluate the developed concepts, which can be carried out qualitatively or quantitatively, we use prototypes and click dummies, with the help of which valuable insights can be gained – if necessary long before the actual development begins.

Of course, in all our concepts, we take into account your corporate design specifications or, if desired, create comprehensive design systems and style guides that can be the basis for all your future digital solutions.