Participant management for automotive market research

CARGOVERSUM – Web-based portal for organizing participants

The challenge

CARGO Projects designs market research events in the automotive sector at home and abroad. To facilitate the organization, a user-friendly participant management application should be developed. The context of participant management in the planning of such events is very complex, which is why XITASO first grathered the diverse requirements and required functions and created a deep understanding of the challenges of the project using Wireframes.

CARGO Projects GmbH

CARGO Projects is a full-service provider in the field of the organization and logistics of static and dynamic automotive test events.

How we helped

In close cooperation with the project managers at CARGO Projects, XITASO has developed a tailor-made and user-friendly application for participant management. The operating concept for the participant management portal CARGOVERSUM is versatile and intuitive. The entire participant management within the framework of an event can now be realized and maintained via a single platform.


C#.NET Angular REST-API SQLServer ASP.NET Core


The participant management portal is quick and intuitive to use and offers versatile functionalities:

  • Overview of the existing participant database
  • Practical filter functions
  • Import and export functions
  • Participant notifications
  • Automated generation of PDF documents
  • Creation of individual projects

Within individual projects, different roles Within individual projects, different roles of employees can enter and edit the information of potential event participants. Within dynamically created plans, each participant can be assigned different participation slots. The organization of the participants before and after the event is finally carried out by means of a participant overview in the solution, CARGOVERSUM.

The development process

The development took place in several two-week sprints, after which CARGO Projects were presented with the created software increments. These regular presentations held at frequent intervals have enabled rapid customer feedback. This approach enabled direct feedback to be taken into account and incorporated in a timely manner.

The close and trusting cooperation between CARGO Projects and XITASO, the transparency of project progress and the rapid constructive customer feedback have ensured that unnecessary development steps have been avoided and the software fully reflects the complex requirements. In the end, a user-friendly and lean solution was created.

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