Quality standards

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ISO 9001

ISO 9001
Quality management

Austraße 35, 86153 Augsburg

Scope: Production and distribution of software, IT services and consulting as well as multimedia design

ISO 27001

ISO 27001
Data security

Austraße 35, 86153 Augsburg

Scope: Production and distribution of software, IT services and consulting as well as multimedia design

ISO 13485
Medical devices

MedTech sector of XITASO GmbH, Austraße 35, 86153 Augsburg

Scope – for the European Economic Area: Development and distribution of medical software, consulting and multimedia design on behalf of customers

“Document what you’re doing and do what you’ve documented.” We live according to this simple guiding principle in our core processes, which we are constantly improving. This means that we meet the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 27001 and GDPR, among other things. In this way, we are the ideal partner, especially for safety-critical software and for projects in a regulated environment.

Standards in agile project management; successful with a plan

The quality of our service starts with clear, open communication. In the tight rhythm of the sprints, we involve our clients in planning and review meetings and jointly carry out the retrospectives.

In addition, we provide transparent documentation from Jira and our ERP system as standard, ranging from quotation creation to project controlling and billing.

With our contractual regulations, we meet the requirements of the GDPR right from the word go.

XITASO Project Monitor

Together with the client, we evaluate the project risks using the sprint method on the basis of four categories:

  • Business: Are we working on the right thing?
  • Process: Are there problems in collaboration?
  • Technical: Is the chosen technology suitable?
  • Cost and Schedule: Can we achieve the goals on schedule and within budget?

Doing the right things correctly

When you enter new territory – and this is always the case with innovative software projects; it is crucial to do “the right things”. That’s why our project managers are all certified product owners in order to be able to effectively steer the projects together with the customer towards the respective business goals. Our Agile Coaches take care of the fact that “things are done correctly” and that time is used efficiently and in a valuable way.

As long as our quality standards are maintained, we are always happy to integrate into the processes of our clients. Especially when scaled agile frameworks such as LeSS and SAFe require it.

Quality standards in our software development

Tool-supported practices:

  • User-centric approach in requirements engineering
  • User Stories and Definition of Ready
  • First sketch, then code
  • IT Security, Security by Design
  • Four-eye principle through code reviews
  • In-process testing by the developers
  • Definition of Done

Quality features of software

Software quality is much more than the absence of bugs. In addition to the correctness of the functionality, many non-functional criteria are also included. The Software Product Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE) guide, which is enshrined in ISO 25010, explains in detail relevant guidelines on the quality of software and software development.

Quality aspects at employee level

Our application process

Precisely because software development is a people business, our quality assurance starts with the selection of our employees. In a multi-stage, multi-subjective process, we take a close look at professional and personal aptitudes. We never overlook the person and always remain appreciative.

More about our application process


After joining XITASO, every employee is assisted by a mentor who accompanies long-term professional and personal development over the years. The necessary resources in the form of time and money for individual training are planned with priority.