Products, Processes and Platforms

Key to your digital success in your core business


Products become smart when they are able to collect data, communicate and network in such a way that individual user and customer requests can be optimally addressed. Digital twins, smart optimization approaches, intuitive operating interfaces; our teams think into the minds of your product developers, stakeholders and customers. Complementing your products digitally so that they are at the forefront of the market is our ambition and our expertise.


In the “magic triangle” of quality, time and cost, the digital optimization of business processes has become a decisive factor. Purchasing, logistics, production and sales must be optimally integrated in order to fully exploit the know-how of the employees and to meet the expectations of the customer. Whether on the shop floor or in resource and personnel planning, XITASO offers extensive domain knowledge from control technology to mathematical optimization models and on to experience with a wide range of (legacy) IT systems in a multitude of industries. Test us and increase the output of your company!


At the heart of every digitization strategy is the interaction of employees, partners and customers. Interaction platforms must work independently of the choice of device. For example, a portal for field workers must be optimized for mobile devices and may also need to work offline. Our interaction platforms are the hub for digital processes and an important factor in making products “smart”. They are crucial for adapting existing products and developing completely new products and services. Always focused on the user, we design and implement intuitive human-machine interfaces to combine even your most complex business cases with a sustainably positive user experience.