Cooperative software development

Development and integration of software components into your solution

Do you need a reliable and experienced partner for integrating software components into your product or portal? A software development team that works closely with your in-house development resources and/or other third-party providers in a transparent, efficient, and goal-oriented way?

XITASO has years of experience in the development of highly integrated individual software components. One of our strengths lies in the long-term close cooperation for the development from prototype to market maturity as an active think-through, consulting service provider.

Our offer

  • Passion and deep understanding of outstanding software engineering
  • Comprehensive technology spectrum
  • Experience in a variety of industries and domains
  • Agile innovation techniques for the implicit and explicit evaluation of innovation potential in the project
  • User-centric requirements engineering and UI/UX expertise according to ISO 9241-210
  • Transparent, efficient and goal-oriented collaboration and experience in large, long-term development projects
  • Highest level of knowledge transfer in the team, to other teams, customers and stakeholders
  • Expertise and consulting in the implementation of Scaled Agile Frameworks

What matters to us

At the heart of our many successful projects with a high degree of
technological interlocking with our clients are the following:

  • Our stable, multidisciplinary teams
  • Acquisition, maintenance, documentation and distribution of project-specific knowledge
  • Professional requirements engineering in Symbiosis with UI/UX experts
  • Building long-term, trusting working relationships
  • Our agile mindset
  • Goal-oriented, always constructive collaboration, also with third-party providers
  • In-depth experience in implementing Scaled Agile Frameworks
  • Our technological bandwidth
  • Understanding and mastering interfaces and architectural challenges in collaboration with all partners

The XITASO Difference

XITASO is much more than a vicarious agent, especially in highly integrated scenarios. Our teams always have the “big goal” in mind and help you keep an eye on the medium- and long-term planning horizon. Here, for example, the stage planning in Scaled Agile scenarios offers the possibility to identify and address dependencies between the different teams.

Regular on-site appointments ensure seamless cooperation with all stakeholders. For maximum transparency and optimal knowledge transfer, we integrate your employees into our teams on request.

Use cases