Computer Vision and XR

Understanding and advancing human reality with software

Our Credo

Mouse, keyboard, screen; these were once the primary interaction possibilities between humans and computers. In our ever-increasingly networked world, however, it is becoming increasingly important for computers to merge with everyday reality: on the one hand, it is necessary for the software to be able to recognize, understand and interpret its environment. On the other hand, the software must be able to inspire people in virtual worlds or integrate information naturally into the real world.

At XITASO, people are always the main focus of the software. We combine our expertise in software development, user experience design, computer vision and XR to take human-machine interaction to the next level: seamless, intuitive, human.

Facilitating the workday

In order to facilitate their workday, we support blue collar workers in production with quality assurance through automatic image-based detection and classification of production defects. By controlling gestures with natural movements, we can make robots operable remotely; intuitively guided by humans, directly at the robot, rather than abstractly in the program code.

Making virtual experiences real

We transport digital images of physical objects effortlessly and without delay, over long distances. We make the virtual world tangible and experienceable while embedded in other people’s environments: this is how, for example, furniture can be positioned in your living room or you can try on glasses that you do not (yet) physically possess.

Complexity made manageable

Workers have to operate, maintain and comprehend increasingly complicated machines in comprehensive processes and workflows throughout the industrial sector. Using AR approaches, we integrate tried and tested work instructions into the real world to ensure complex operating steps, maintenance procedures and courses of action are comprehensible and easy to carry out for on-site personnel.

Which technologies do we use?

OpenCV Tesseract TensorFlow Three.js OpenGL Direct3D Unity ARKit ARCore

The XITASO Difference

A seamless, intuitive and human-oriented interaction between man and machine inspires people for digitization and increases acceptance in its use. The technical hurdles inherent are lowered every year; thanks to better hardware such as input devices and AR glasses, but also by advances in software, which opens a lot of possibilities directly in the browser without installing additional software components.

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