Agile Project Management

Trustworthy cooperation in successful IT projects

The agile mindset is deeply anchored in XITASO’s DNA. Since its establishment, XITASO has worked together with their customers in successful IT projects, according to the principles of agile project management. The establishment of mutual trust on the basis of the 5 Scrum values is central to the partnership with our clients.

No project set up is the same as another one. This is why the methods implemented and their manifestations differ from project to project. Based on our diverse practical experience we can ensure a quick, routine entry into agile project management.

The five Scrum values


Everyone involved in the project has the courage to do the right thing and work on difficult problems.


All participants concentrate on the business, release and sprint goals of the project.


All project participants personally commit to achieving the goals.


All project participants respect each other mutually as competent and independent people.


All project participants are open for all upcoming work and challenges.

Values as the basis for trustworthy cooperation

The Scrum values lived by all project participants create an atmosphere of trust. The benefits of trusting collaboration protect against the dangers of poor project management.

The efforts expended in controls are reduced, micromanagement is prevented, process overkill is prevented, coordination effort is minimized, demotivation and loss of knowledge are avoided.

Our approach

Our cross-functional project teams made up of product owners, software developers, UI/UX experts and agile coaches work in a self-organized fashion and find the right approach model together with each customer. What they all have in common is the central importance of the principles of agile project management at XITASO: rhythm, goal orientation, prioritization, control over content and feedback.


People are not good at estimating time. On the other hand, they have a very good feel for rhythm. At the set pace of sprints and release cycles, our customers and our teams find reliable structures for routine work, robust planning and reliable agreements.

Goal Orientiation

We always work goal oriented. We gain a deep understanding of our customers’ business goals and jointly define the respective release goals, for every project. Only then are the sprint goals derived. We ensure that all steps in the project are effective while always keeping business, release and sprint goals in focus.


Our Scrum teams do not start projects with the most visible and simple features that are quickest to implement, but rather with the most important and sustainable ones. Right from the start of the project, we build up all the necessary understanding and minimize risks that could otherwise lead to a nasty awakening after a long period has already been spent on the project. The know-how we establish in this course is something we share openly with our customers.

Control over content

Through agile project management the full creative potential of project participants is directed towards working with the content. Because release times and team composition, and thus the budget, are set at the beginning, the project is controlled by prioritizing the work packages in the product backlog. That’s why we call our agile project managers, product owners. Together with the customer, optimal solutions are found under cost-benefit assessment.


The early and continuous delivery of the resulting software which begins during the development and the open feedback which results, leads ultimately to a tailor-made software solution. The joint retrospectives with the customer also provide the best conditions for transparent and open communication between all project participants over the entire project period.

The Scrum process at XITASO

In the Scrum process at XITASO, we attach great importance to ensuring that our customers are always involved in all sprint change meetings (planning, review and retrospective).

The close coordination and continuous cooperation on the product backlog and the planning of the individual sprints further strengthens the common understanding of the goals.

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