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Applied research for best-in-class applications of the future

XITASO invests in research and innovation in order to be and to remain an excellent digitalisation partner. Our method is to examine future topics intensively with partners from the worlds of science and business and work out possible applications for our partners and ourselves. This is how we provide space for the best possible application-oriented research and a link to today’s and future markets.

Scientific excellence as well as national and international exchanges with the scientific community are as much part of research at XITASO as self organised work in an agile, company-wide research team. We are convinced: this is how today’s research creates tomorrow’s innovations.

Software engineering

The goal of our research is to be able to develop valuable and sustainable software systems better. This also requires the continuous development of methods, tools and principles of software engineering.

Safety and Security

Comprehensive networking requires the reconsideration of safety and security of technical systems as well as suitable methods and technologies for the engineering of robust software solutions.

Cloud and Big Data

Cloud and IoT platforms are enablers of service-based business models; technological, economical, legal and ethical aspects are the research focus of such solutions.

3D and XR

3D and X Reality technologies require innovative interaction design and corresponding system architecture in order to be useful as the ideal link between the physical and digital world.

AI and Machine Learning

The application and combination of various AI and optimisation technologies has great potential for not only improving technical systems, but also software engineering itself.

New Work

The future world of work will be characterised by a high level of dynamism, digitization and shifting of values. New forms of organization and leadership can help master this complexity – even in resarch and teaching itself.

A selection of current projects

T3 – Test the Test

The research project “Test the Test” (T3) has set itself the objectives of automatically evaluating the effectiveness of model, software and hardware tests and thereby improving the quality of said tests. With the aid of Fault Injection and Mutations, hardware interfaces, code and system models are deliberately and systematically seeded with errors, in order to evaluate corresponding tests regarding their quality and effectiveness in finding each and every error. The improvement of testing quality helps satisfy the ever-increasing quality demands of embedded systems.

AIPE (ACPEK) – Automated Commissioning through Persistence of Expert Knowledge

The objective of the project “Automated Commissioning through Persistence of Expert Knowledge” (ACPEK) is on the one hand the automation of fine adjustment of machine parameters through machine learning techniques. On the other hand, expert knowledge should be persisted mechanically in order to maintain it despite the demographic changes. The combination of both aspects makes it possible to simplify and accelerate the mechanical learning process with the aid of expert knowledge. The approach is evaluated on 3d printing that can be seen as a representative of manufacturing processes that are dependent on ambient conditions.

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“We use research and innovation projects to explore the potentials of tomorrow’s technologies. For this purpose we network with strong partners and consciously invest in excellent young researchers.”

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