Self-Organization and Team Leadership

Agile organizations need a new form of leadership

Complexity and dynamics are constantly increasing in the digital world of work. Our agile approach is a question of working culture for us. Properly lived, it allows us to react dynamically and appropriately to the challenges of our customers.

Key elements include iterative and incremental processes and methods that lead to early insights through testing and continuous feedback loops and thus to a higher success rate through fast and sustainable learning.

Agility is deeply anchored in our DNA. As processes, methods and working culture can rarely be separated from one another, we ensure that our teams develop their full potential through continuous coaching. There is no blueprint on the road to excellence.

We make use of and benefit from a complete collection of methods and frameworks which we implement and further develop. Through inspiration, reflection, provocation and a lot of passion, our agile coaches guide their teams through the discovery process towards the best approach for each of our customer’s complex challenges.

Project Level

  • Every challenge is different. We find the appropriate procedure for each project to achieve success for and with our customers.
  • One team is not enough? Using our experience, we help you to scale projects with the right frameworks, processes and methods.
  • `Inspect and adapt’ thought out holistically: We guide the retrospectives together with our customers to discover improvements together.

Team Level

  • We prioritize people and exchanges, to enable you to get the most out of our practices, processes and tools.
  • The whole is more than the sum of its parts: correct tuning maximizes the contribution of each of our experts.
  • Maximum focus on business targets, established through excellent coaching, leads to sweeping success.

Organizational Level

  • Our passion for agile radiates out of our team thereby increasing our competence for achieving effective discussions and decisions.
  • Complexity is not exclusive to software products. Organizations benefit from our expertise in group dynamics and systemic coaching.
  • The culture is the difference. Our coaches act as multipliers across organizational boundaries and help spread the agile mind set.

TOGETHER in the Team

Excellence is never optional for us. Therefore, our agile coaches are part of every project and performance of our teams.

Together with all the roles involved (users, clients, software developers, product owners, agile coaches, UI/UX experts), we can collect and multiply the fruits of self-managed teams.

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Professional Scrum
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