Agile development consulting

Stimulation from the outside for change from the inside

Are you wondering whether your development can also benefit from the promises of an agile work organization? Do you want to shorten your time-to-market and achieve maximum user benefits? You have already taken your first steps and now see that there is still potential for optimization in order to achieve the hoped-for successes in full. Do you need to create the technological conditions for effective implementation of agile cooperation methods in practice?

In software development, many technical challenges become apparent only during the implementation phase. Thanks to iterations based on early-stage products, adaptations are possible at any time and efforts are reduced. This is why XITASO has been developing software according to agile principles, together with its clients, since our foundation. We also provide advice on your project based on this experience.

Training on agile values and principles

  • Frameworks (Scrum, Kanban, EduScrum, LeSS, SAFe, etc.), mixed forms
  • Roles, meetings, and interactions
  • Complexity and empirical product management
  • Lean start-up principles and procedures

Support in the goal-oriented implementation

  • Rethinking work and organizational structures in development processes and adapting agile forms of work
  • Development of cross-functional high-performance teams
  • Optimization of iterative and incremental development
  • Establish 360° feedback from stakeholders and end users at defined intervals
  • Transparency: Current status of development is available at all times for all team members as well as clients and stakeholders
  • Open error culture and continuous improvement through professional retrospectives
  • Highest quality by ensuring the software quality criteria according to ISO 25010

Creating technological conditions

  • High level of test automation
  • Traceability: from the request to the program code
  • Tools: Bug & issue tracking, Wiki, Source code administration, Documentation Tools
  • Production of a modern delivery pipeline

The XITASO Difference

Agile coaches as a practical consultant for practical implementation

From years of project experience in various development teams, our coaches know that teaching methodological competence is only one aspect of agile transformation. The change towards agile cooperation can only succeed step by step; not fully formed in the test tube, but only through the other steps taken alongside real tasks in the growth environment.

Five phases of team building

Five phases of team building