Software modernization

Improve and expand functionalities, maintain entrepreneurial value

What often began as a clever solution of a resourceful employee, is pragmatically expanded and thus quickly grows into an extensive and almost impossible to understand system. Everyone in the company knows that all this has to be “ironed out”. But the next order is prioritized, and after all, it is still working …

One way or another, software landscapes emerge over time that are deeply intertwined with various company processes, but are no longer expandable and maintainable due to technological and personnel reasons. The complexity of the old systems is thereby ever-increasing and hindering “new” solutions. A vicious circle begins.

Our offer

  • Classification of Legacy Code
  • Risk assessment
  • Targeted architecture refactoring
  • Maintaining the vital company functions at every stage

Our aim is that your legacy application is not only technologically rebuilt , but also provides immediate added value. That’s why we analyze your software and the business processes behind it, identify the components, and classify the legacy code. We provide you with a risk assessment of the modernization of your existing application. Based on this assessment, we can offer various options and prioritize them according to your requirements.

With our expertise and many years of project experience, we work together with you to develop and realize the best solution for your case. While in one case a comprehensive modernization up to a new implementation can be the most profitable solution, in other cases targeted adaptations and extensions lead to sustainable success.

Example architecture refactoring of a legacy application

Extract microservices

Gradually identify isolatable functionalities and extract them as microservices or reimplement them.

Set up service layers for protection

A service layer as an interface between the existing system and the new microservices can serve as a so-called anti-corruption layer, which prevents poor design and malfunctioning of the legacy system from undesirably affecting the new microservices.


In all phases of this transformation, a uniform monitoring system ensures that operation is fully guaranteed.

The XITASO Difference

At XITASO, we know the individual business value that grown solutions have in many companies. Our architecture refactoring aims to maintain, modernize and expand said solution modularly and sustain all the functionalities necessary for the company at all times. With our experience in software modernization, we adapt your software to current conditions and increase its:

  • Service lifetime
  • Scalability
  • Maintainability (according to our DevOps philosophy)
  • Profitability
  • Independence from solution providers

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