The XITASO Code reflects who we are, how we work with our customers, partners and colleagues, and what defines our products. Our daily imperative is to bring these values to life.

XITASO Werte 2019
XITASO Werte 2019


Knowledge is value.

Profound expertise is the basis of our success.

Dig deep.

We engage strongly with our own professionality – internally and externally.

To the point.

With experience and know-how we quickly find the right solution.


Be yourself.

We accept that every person has their own way.

Will to understand.

We respect each other and our counterparts as humans in a specific role and situation.

Take advantage of diversity.

Everyone contributes their own individual strengths – we challenge and promote them.


The objective in mind.

We make the goal clear and are pleased when our ideas have an impact.

Wanting to make decisions.

We boldly lead the way and know that one step follows another.

Assume responsibility.

We deliberate our actions and shoulder the consequences.


Set to receive.

We are present and listen.

Address uncomfortable issues.

We risk difficult feedback – it’s a source of great potential.

Living transparency.

We give insight into our actions and the motives behind them.


Focus on common goals.

We are one team.

Achieving together.

We inspire each other and surpass ourselves.

Confide in each other.

Trust is the basis for our motivated work.

State of the Art

Take a broad view.

We are widely networked and follow attractive visions.

Learning is everything.

Always gaining new experiences is what drives us forward.

Leading edge.

We consciously employ the latest methods and technologies – or not.