That was DEV XCHANGE 2019

On 9 November 2019, DEV XCHANGE entered its third round at XITASO. In a relaxed atmosphere, Augsburg’s software community met in the offices of XITASO for a day of talks and exchanges.

After two successful events in 2017 and 2018, XITASO has again invited to DEV XCHANGE this year. The exchange and knowledge transfer event of Augsburg’s software community took place for the first time at our location in Alois-Senefelder-Allee. There, our event room offered sufficient space for talks, the BarCamp and discussions. In a relaxed atmosphere, software developers, project managers, students and interested parties of all levels of experience came together and exchanged experiences, tips and tricks of software development.

Mutation Testing in Software Engineering

After the first coffee and a little refreshment in the morning, the day started with a talk by Michael Wißner, software developer at XITASO. In his lecture, Michael gave an overview of the concept of mutation testing, presented current tools and possible fields of application, and shared an experience report on practical use with his audience.

What is “vulnerability”?

After a short networking break with pretzels and coffee, the presentation by IT security specialist Marcus Geiger was about illuminating the term “vulnerability” from different sides and showing what evaluation schemes exist, where the clear demarcation of the term ends and where the grey area begins. Participants were able to interactively vote online in several examples, as to whether or not the specific case represents a vulnerability and afterwards discuss their arguments.

Agile Mindset

In the subsequent lecture on the topic “Agile Mindset”, Dr. Axel Habermaier and Dr. Thomas Geislinger from XITASO explained that an agile base attitude and the correct mindset are indispensable for the use of agile project management techniques such as Scrum and Kanban in companies. With illustrative practical examples, the participants were encouraged to reflect on the (added)value of the agile mentality for the modern project business and the cooperation in the team.

Minimum Viable Features

After the lunch break was utilized for stimulating conversations, networking and eating hotdogs, Robert Freudenreich, founder and CTO of Secomba GmbH concluded the lecture section of the day with his extremely practical lecture on the topic “Minimum Viable Features using the example of the integration of Boxcryptor into macOS Finder”.

Welcome to the VUCA world!

Afterwards Heinz Staber and Baptiste Grand, Agile Coaches at XITASO, opened the BarCamp on the topic “Welcome to the VUCA World”. Under the key question “What skills and which mindset do I need for the working world of tomorrow?”, all participants were able to contribute topics and discussion questions themselves. In several rounds, a wide variety of questions were discussed in small groups, such as “How to convince users of IT security and data protection?”, “How can you design free Internet without using user data as a currency?” or “Is the job of the developer threatened by AI/ML?”. At the end of each round, the results of the discussions were presented, after which a successful day full of exciting talks and interesting discussions, with a lot of valuable input and a plethora of new impressions came to an end.

We would like to thank all speakers as well as all participants: With your experiences, ideas and opinions, you have once again successfully contributed to the exchange and knowledge transfer within the software community at the third DEV XCHANGE. A big thank you also for your feedback.
Of course, we are still open to comments, suggestions or requests and are already looking forward to the DEV XCHANGE 2020!