STAMP – Status Management for Medical Personnel as a New Module for PLANFOX

XITASO is expanding the PLANFOX software solution for automated personnel schedule planning for hospitals and clinics, with a module for status management for medical personnel in the event of SARS CoV-2 infections. The new module can also be used as a stand-alone solution and offers not only pandemic-related criteria but also long-term added value in communication between staff and the scheduling team when it comes to availability or absences.

PLANFOX STAMP (Status Management for Medical Personnel) ensures an up-to-the-minute overview of the current and future service availability of the workforce and contributes to the relief of planners, doctors and nurses. Exact information from employees makes schedule planning easier.

Based on the official contact person categorization of the Robert Koch Institute, the application enables a quick, uncomplicated collection of all relevant information. Contact person category, work ability or quarantine times, etc. can be entered decentralized by each employee in a self-service area, which significantly reduces the central administrative burden and ensures up-to-date information. In contrast to the standard categories of the RKI, hospital-unique classifications are also possible, as well as other individual adaptations to in-house processes.

The information from all employees is displayed in a clear form. The availability of all medical personnel for duty is visible at a glance, ensuring the best possible scheduling situation. Filtering and search functions allow for quick adaptation to the respective requirements.

Even beyond the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, PLANFOX STAMP offers a range of added value. At its core is the decentralized recording of absences (illness, annual leave, further education, etc.) and the clear presentation of various key figures in dashboards. Communication between the workforce and bodies in the company that are relevant to the organization (e.g. human resources department, scheduling staff, clinic secretaries) is facilitated and digitized.

The software solution can be operated as a stand-alone tool or as a module of the automated schedule planning solution PLANFOX, both in the cloud or installed in the in-house IT landscape. Both solutions, the ISO 27701 certified Cloud and the on-site installation are GDPR compliant.

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