The platform for the digital washing business as a central platform for operators, service and end customers

The challenge

Around 40,000 WashTec car washes are in operation worldwide. WashTec had the vision of digitizing its car wash business and creating a central platform that covers the needs of all relevant user groups, in order to make the systems and their operation as efficient as possible. In the first step, a service platform was to be developed together with a digitization partner that optimizes WashTec’s service business.

WashTec AG

WashTec AG is a manufacturer of vehicle washing systems, headquartered in Augsburg, Germany. WashTec is the global market leader for complete and service solutions in the field of vehicle washing with subsidiaries and trading partners in over 80 countries.

How we helped

One central platform for the digital washing business, which offers easy access to all relevant information and functionalities and makes the car wash business as efficient as possible. With this vision in mind, WashTec was looking for a reliable partner who would initially implement a service platform in the first step. Not only was the service platform implemented, but also the vision was challenged, concretized and driven forward, in the course of the close and trusting cooperation. In addition to the development of an operator platform as a further module, the existing EasyCarWash app will also be gradually modernized and integrated.


.NET Core React Laravel One platform for all use cases

The integrates the following modules in a central platform:

“The cooperation worked very well for us right from the start. We quickly realized that we share the same values and have a common understanding of how we want to work together. Thanks to a lot of transparency and openness, we quickly had a very trusting relationship.”

Michael Gessner


Focus on the user right from the start

Under the motto “Usability that makes the user smile”, WashTec focused from the outset on the usability and user-friendliness of the products. However, a user-centered development demands that you know the user groups exactly. The UI/UX experts at XITASO have therefore initially started to get insights into processes, procedures and the entire domain, from the employees at the HelpDesk. In qualitative interviews, the various roles and user groups were then analyzed in detail in order to be able to work out the requirements for the products.

Throughout the entire development process, the close cooperation of UI/UX experts, software developers and the customer ensures that the user perspective is included at all levels and used as a basis for decision-making. No preliminary concepts and drafts are created, which may then fail in implementation or have to be laboriously further developed. Instead, all roles involved work together cross-functionally, which not only saves time, but also focuses on the user at all times.

Agile Coaching

Trustworthy cooperation for successful projects

Since its foundation, XITASO has been working together with its customers in successful IT projects according to the principles of agile project management. Our Agile Coaches have also contributed their many years of experience in the cooperation with WashTec and developed the appropriate process model, together with the customer. As an integral part of our cross-functional project teams, our experienced Agile Coaches create the framework in which the potential of all participants unfolds in the best possible way, the right processes are optimally used and the product vision of WashTec is always kept in mind.

“For some of our colleagues, agile working was still new and they were skeptical at first. In the meantime, however, everyone is convinced because they have seen what can be achieved in a year if you work agile. Ultimately, you have to ask yourself: Will the product be better, faster and more valuable if you are coached in an agile way? There was a very clear answer: Yes, it contributes directly to success!”

Carsten Klees

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