Operator platform for the car wash business

Always able to keep an eye on the status of your own systems

The challenge

In order to offer its customers the best possible service, WashTec wanted to create a central platform on which the operators of WashTec systems can find all relevant information and functionalities bundled in one place. The business of the operators should thereby be designed to be as efficient as possible.

WashTec AG

WashTec AG is a manufacturer of vehicle washing systems, headquartered in Augsburg, Germany. WashTec is the global market leader for complete and service solutions in the field of vehicle washing with subsidiaries and trading partners in over 80 countries.

How we helped

WashTec, together with XITASO, has further developed and concretized the vision of a central platform for the car wash business. The needs of car wash operators have been addressed by developing a user-friendly platform that allows operators to keep an eye on their business at all times and from anywhere. The platform provides clear diagrams representing the performance of the systems, reports faults and gives instructions for their correction.


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A constant eye on system performance


Average washing price


Number of washes


Washing program distribution



React quickly to faults

In addition to clear diagrams for performance, the operator also keeps an eye on the status of their systems via the platform; at any time and from anywhere. If a fault occurs, step-by-step instructions will help to resolve the problem.

If further support is required, the operator can contact the WashTec Help Desk.  Using RemoteDiagnosis, the service employees can also view the status of the systems via the integrated service platform and quickly resolve the problem.

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One platform for all use cases

In addition to the operator platform, mywashtec.com also integrates two other modules:

Smart and contactless car wash

More efficient support through remote diagnosis

Mit der WashTec Serviceplattform

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