Smart and contactless car wash

Stronger customer loyalty and increased sales with the EasyCarWash app

The challenge

With EasyCarWash, WashTec provides the operators of their car washes with an app that rethinks the car wash business and the relationship with end customers and meets the increasing expectations of service and comfort. Since the app, developed by another external service provider, was initially not very user-friendly and could not meet the high demands on usability, a new partner was sought who modernized the existing app and gradually migrated it to the platform.

WashTec AG

WashTec AG is a manufacturer of vehicle washing systems, headquartered in Augsburg, Germany. WashTec is the global market leader for complete and service solutions in the field of vehicle washing with subsidiaries and trading partners in over 80 countries.

How we helped

WashTec, together with XITASO, has further developed and concretized the vision of a central platform for the car wash business. With many years of experience in dealing with existing systems and code refactoring, the experts at XITASO have re-worked the existing EasyCarWash app and integrated new features. To ensure the maintainability and extensibility of the app, the backend and the administration portal are continuously moved to .NET Core and React. The focus is on intuitive and user-friendly usability for both plant operators and end customers.


.NET Core React Laravel PHP Vue.js Android Native Swift

Smart and contactless car washes for end customers

With EasyCarWash, car wash operators offer their customers a completely new way of washing cars and thereby distinguish themselves from their competitors with an innovative concept. Due to the high level of service and comfort, not only can new customers be acquired, but also existing customers can be better retained.

The option of flat-rate bookings or prepaid cards frees the washing business from the dependence on weather and time of day and thus delivers constant revenue. The intuitive app enables end customers to book the right washing program and pay contactlessly with just a few clicks.

1. Select car wash

  • Find nearby car washes
  • Route planner to the selected car wash

2. Book programm

  • Contactless booking and payment
  • Single wash, flat rate or prepaid card
  • Payment by PayPal or credit card

3. Live video from the premises

  • Is there a long queue currently?
  • Do I have to calculate with waiting times?

4. Start the wash process

  • Camera detects license plates
  • Booked program starts automatically

Simple personalization for the car wash operator

Operators can configure the app and analyze their systems with just a few clicks in the web-based administration tool, for example:

  • Customize design and logo
  • Setting up washing programs
  • Set prices
  • Indicate promotion periods
  • Identify fraud attempts
  • Analyze the use of the app

One platform for all use cases

In addition to the EasyCarWash app, the also integrates two other modules:

Die eigenen Anlagen immer im Blick

More efficient support through remote diagnosis

With the WashTec service platform

Having a constant eye on your own systems

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