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Integration of new error management into the established legacy system LabGER

The challenge

The LabGER system, developed by an employee, has been used to coordinate production processes throughout the entire plant for many years. Over the years, the departure of individual employees and the associated loss of know-how as well as the technical obsolescence of such systems can lead to a situation where service and maintenance of stable system operation becomes a real challenge. Because even the smallest problems in the system can affect the entire production process, fast and efficient troubleshooting is extremely important.

Indorama Ventures Polymers

Germany GmbH

As part of the Indorama Ventures Group, Indorama Ventures Germany GmbH produces polyester granules at its production site in Gersthofen. The fields of application are manifold: The products can be found in (amongst others) fibers, high-strength threads, packaging films, lightweight shatterproof PET bottles as well as in technical applications in the automotive industry.

How we helped

Historically grown software is often based on complex, opaque structures. XITASO’s experts are able to quickly capture the functionality of such legacy systems and provide optimal support as a reliable partner.

The integration of a new error management system into the existing system made it possible to optimize the error analysis. Errors are easier to locate and fix, avoiding production disruptions.


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Integration of modern solutions into established systems

As part of the LabGER system analysis, XITASO identified modernization potentials in the field of error analysis. Based on an Elasticsearch database, XITASO developed a new error management system that centrally captures faults throughout the system.

The user-friendly interface provides a quick overview of the overall status of production processes. In addition, the system automatically sends error messages to the responsible employees, which allows immediate response to production-critical interruptions.

Previous error detection

  • Errors from different components of the system were written to separate log files
  • Tedious search for errors through checking the individual log files
  • No automatic notifications, e.g. in case of errors

New error management system

  • Central collection of all error messages in Elasticsearch database
  • Quick overview of the overall status of production processes
  • Automatic notifications to responsible employees

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