Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award

Groundbreaking, standardized implementation of the digital twin: XITASO and WITTENSTEIN win the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award (MIMA) in the “Scale!” category.

Augsburg, 28. Februar 2022 – The digital twin is a core element in the implementation of digitization solutions in the industrial environment on the pathway to the Smart Factory. A standardized implementation enables scalable networking in digital ecosystems. For their pioneering work in this field during the implementation of the WITTENSTEIN Service Portal, the WITTENSTEIN and XITASO companies were awarded the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award (MIMA) in the “Scale!” category.

Products become smart and provide additional digital added value when components of a plant communicate with each other in a network. More and more data is assigned, stored and retrieved from individual products. In order to be successful in this project, the way in which this data is stored and exchanged plays a vital role.

As an expert in the field of Industry 4.0, Industrial IoT and high-end software engineering, XITASO relied on the infrastructure of the standardized digital twin using the Asset Administration Shell for the implementation of the WITTENSTEIN Service Portal project.Together, a solution based on standards was developed that also leaves the possibility of scaling even further in a broader environment. This has now been recognized by the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award in the “Scale!” category, which Microsoft Germany, together with the management consultancy Roland Berger, annually awards to groundbreaking projects and solutions from the manufacturing industry.

Microsoft Intelligent Manuifacturing Award

Connectivity is the key, and this is exactly where the WITTENSTEIN Service Portal offers great added value with the functionality of the digital name plate. Via a globally unique link, easily accessible through the data matrix code printed on each product, the relevant data can be retrieved from the digital twin via the administration shell. These are, for example, basic product data such as indentification, serial number or date of manufacture. In the future, however, concrete operating data such as speed or temperature will also be stored or retrieved at this central point. Thanks to the standards, networking also works with a large number of different systems without the restrictions of proprietary formats and is future-proof.

Product documentation, such as manuals in the respective national language, can also be retrieved digitally via the function. In this way, high sums of printing costs can be saved, and the distribution of such product-related information can be efficiently organized worldwide. Digitization supports the sustainability of products and processes and improves their CO2 balance.

“The Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award honors thought leaders who are shaping the future of industry with their ideas and solutions,” is how Microsoft and Roland Berger describe the award. Both companies, XITASO and WITTENSTEIN, are members of the Industrial Digital Twin Association (IDTA) and are actively involved in the development of standards for the use of the administrative shell and the digital twin, as well as in the further dissemination of its use in industry.

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