We digitize
your mechanical engineering competence.

We digitize your mechanical engineering competence.

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These topics await you from June 21 to 24, 2022 in hall A4 at booth 314

Create added value for your business

Digitization with the Digital Twin

On the way to digitized production, the digital twin is one of the most important technological concepts. The digital image connects the physical asset with the world of IT and OT. In addition to optimizing processes, it enables a variety of innovative, new business models. The added value for the use of the digital twin results from the appropriate use case for your application. We will be happy to show you how we can uncover relevant use cases with individual consulting and workshops with your team and how we can approach further implementation in a meaningful way.

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We digitize your mechanical engineering expertise

Individual high-end software solutions for digital products, processes and platforms

You are an expert in your domain. We are experts in high-end software engineering. We combine these strengths so that we not only optimize your production with customized software solutions, but also make your machines smart. Industry 4.0 is a great opportunity to open up new business areas, increase production efficiency and better serve and retain customers in the long term. The fundamental idea behind it is the comprehensive networking of the entire value chain. The focus is on the benefits for your customers: Let’s talk about the digital added value for your production and your products in an initial meeting.

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Compatible and future-proof

Standardized implementation of the Asset Administration Shell with Mnestix

No more worrying about the “right” implementation of the digital twin! With our software solution “Mnestix” you can experience at our booth what a standardized and thus compatible and future-proof implementation of the management shell looks like. Talk to our Digital Twin experts and let them show you the advantages of the approach with Mnestix and how we can help you with the example of the Digital Nameplate.

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… and test the Mnestix Viewer for the display of the digital nameplate yourself. We have prepared a lot for you at our Robotics Showcase at booth 314 in hall A4!

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