Digital Innovation Workshop by XITASO at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

Three agile coaches from XITASO – Claudia Dietl, Christian Scharrer and Heinz Staber – are offering a seminar on innovation development and agile methods at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences in the 2018 summer semester. During the “Digital Innovation Development” workshop series, the three experts are serving as visiting lecturers imparting their experience with agile development. The sessions have been initiated and supported by “HSA_digit”, the new central contact point for digital start-ups at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. The initial workshop took place on Monday, 14 May 2018

The Digital Innovation Development seminar is aimed at students pursuing a Master’s degree in Interactive Media Systems in the Faculty of Design. Here, the focus is not solely on sharing theoretical expertise from the field of agile development, but also on offering the students an opportunity to test their newly acquired knowledge in practice. The experienced agile coaches from XITASO attach great importance to practical exercises and trying out methods such as design thinking.

To kick off the event, Ulrich Huggenberger, the founder and CEO of XITASO, was a guest at the seminar and talked about his experience as a company founder. Besides discussing the history of XITASO’s origins, Mr. Huggenberger talked about leading a modern, innovative company and used his own example to motivate students to take the founding of start-ups into their own hands.