School partnership between XITASO and Holbein-Gymnasium

XITASO is now accompanying the Holbein-Gymnasium Augsburg as part of a school partnership. As a regional digitization partner in a knowledge-based industry, XITASO is very concerned about the education and career orientation of young people.

The 300th school partnerships in Bavarian Swabia initiated by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Swabia, were certified on 17 October 2019 in the offices of Team23 beurkundet. In addition to Team23 and XITASO, baramundi is also represented in this school partnership. All three Augsburg companies are pioneers in the field of digitization and can therefore teach the students of the Holbein-Gymnasium skills and methods that are of great importance in the modern working world of tomorrow.

“As an Augsburg-based company, we are of course very happy to be involved in the region and are therefore entering into the school partnership with the Holbein-Gymnasium with great enthusiasm,” says Ulrich Huggenberger, founder and managing director of XITASO. “Special skills are required, particularly in the IT sector, which we would very much like to teach young people. A school partnership like this serves career orientation and thus helps students to find the right path for themselves.”

Ulrich Huggenberger

In order to gain insights into the participating companies, an open day and the opportunity to take part in student internships are planned. In addition to the focus on pupils, the teachers of the Holbein-Gymnasium will also be trained in order to provide excellent support for career orientation.