XITASO is co-organizer of 3rd International Workshop on Robotic Software Engineering (RoSE’21)

We are happy to announce the 3rd workshop on Robotic Software Engineering (RoSE’21) as part of the 43rd International Conference for Software Engineering (ICSE 2021)!

Fast Facts:

Increasingly, challenging domains employ robotic applications. Yet, Robotics still is one of the most challenging domains for software engineering. Deploying robotics applications requires integrating solutions from experts of various domains, including navigation, path planning, manipulation, localization, human-robot interaction, etc. Integration of modules contributed by respective domain experts is one of the key challenges in engineering software-centric systems, yet only one of the cross-cutting software concerns crucial to robotics. As robots often operate in dynamic, partially observable environments additional challenges include adaptability, robustness, safety, and security.

The goal of RoSE’21 is to bring together researchers from participating domains with practitioners to identify new frontiers in robotics software engineering, discuss challenges raised by real-world applications, and transfer latest insights from research to industry. RoSE’21 will solicit contributions from both academic and industrial participants, thus fostering active synergy between the two communities.

Topics are among others:

  • Analysis of challenges in robotic software engineering
  • Challenges for defining and integrating domain-specific languages for the design of robotic systems
  • Continuous integration and deployment in robotics
  • Best practices in engineering robotic software
  • Lessons learned in the engineering and deployment of large-scale, real-world integrated robot
  • and more…

In addition to the exchange about the various contributions, an important goal of RoSE’21 is to initiate a joint publication for all interested participants.

Workshop Organizing Committee

  • Andreas Angerer (XITASO GmbH)
  • Federico Ciccozzi (Mälardalen University)
  • Ivano Malavolta (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
  • Andreas Wortmann (RWTH Aachen University)

“As a co-organizer of RoSE’21, I am looking forward to discuss and exchange ideas with international experts in robotics and software engineering. I am particularly pleased that, in addition to high-quality contributions from research, we were also able to win great keynote speakers from the robotics industry. “

Dr. Andreas Angerer
Head of Research and Innovation

Further information

Further information regarding the RoSE’21-Workshop can be found here: https://conf.researchr.org/home/rose-2021

For informationen about ICSE 2021 please visit: https://conf.researchr.org/home/icse-2021