All about the DEV XCHANGE 2018

On November 3, XITASO had a full house in Austraße 35 in Augsburg. The software development provider invited Augsburg’s software community to a full day of talks and exchanges.

Since communities can only benefit from exchange and knowledge transfer, XITASO offered an event in a casual environment with DEV XCHANGE, where software developers, IT consultants and interested people of all experience levels and industries came together to share experiences, tips and tricks for software development. The ground floor of the XITASO office in Austraße 35 quickly filled up with numerous guests after registration began. Lively and interesting conversations got started over fresh coffee, pretzels, fruit and pastries, even before the first talk.

After a brief welcoming in the crowded lecture room, Florian Häglsperger, software developer at XITASO, addressed the topic of performance optimisation. In his one-hour presentation slot, Florian demonstrated that software architects must by all means get engaged in optimisation. Reaction times and power supply issues are especially important aspects for the usability of systems – topics which were the centre of lively discussion following Florian’s talk.

Martin Kreidenweis, Senior Consultant at TNG Technology Consulting GmbH, subsequently outlined the fields and areas of application which can be suitable for blockchain technologies in a clear and practical manner. Because, despite all the hype concerning crypto currencies such as Bitcion, “Smart Contracts” etc., data can be demonstrably protected against manipulation through a clever combination of classical enterprise databases with publicly available blockchain data. Different application options were discussed in a subsequent question and discussion round.

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With his deep dive into Webpack, Johannes Ewald, software developer at Peerigon, and one of the developers of the open source JavaScript module bundler, Webpack, offered us a very profound insight into its operating principle and possibilities. The listeners were able to learn how to get the most out of Webpack during an informative talk. Johannes enriched his presentation with numerous practical code examples, which gave the DEV XCHANGE participants a deeper impression of Webpack.

After the lunch break with a range of tasty treats, Christof Baumgartner, software developer at XITASO, demonstrated how buzzword technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence and neuronal networks can be put to use, with the help of a playful live example. By implementing a machine learning component into a small gaming application, Christof presented a few concepts and code examples in an easy-going manner.

To wrap up the day, two of the XITASO Agile Coaches, Claudia Dietl and Heinz Staber, organised the XITASO Café, just as they did in 2017, which was inspired by the World Café method. A wide range of topics were discussed in several small groups, including for instance the question of what leadership means, whether microservices are the solution to all problems or who is in charge of and responsible for requirements engineering in a cross-functional SCRUM team. The different table groups, which worked on specific questions, presented their results to the other participants at the end.

After an informative, exciting and humourful day of talks, discussions and good food, the second DEV XCHANGE came to an end with great success. We would like to say thank you, not only to all participants who conducted lively debates, but also Peerigon and TNG Consulting for their support. We were also delighted by the extremely positive feedback from participants, which is why we are already looking forward to the third edition of DEV XCHANGE in 2019 and exchanges within Augsburg’s software community.