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Central availability of the entire software portfolio

The challenge

Not only the measuring devices but also all system-relevant modules – such as controllers, software, measuring systems and sensors – have been developed and manufactured in-house by IMT. The previous process, in which IMT sent their customers new software for their measuring devices using the classic method of data carriers, was slow and expensive. XITASO was commissioned to rectify this and work out a solution with IMT from which the other divisions of Carl Zeiss AG could also benefit.

Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH (IMT)

Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH (IMT) is a world market leader for CNC coordinate measuring machines and complete solutions with multi-dimensional measurement technology for measurement laboratories and manufacturing.

How we helped

At the start of 2015, ZEISS IMT approached XITASO with the request to develop a download portal to allow IMT customers to quickly download software packages – full versions, service packs, patches, etc. – for their measuring devices.


.NET Microsoft Azure (Web Apps, Storage, B2C, Scheduler) AngularJS HTML5 LESS JavaScript

One portal for all downloads

Based on Azure Cloud technology, XITASO succeeded in developing a high-performance and intuitively controlled download portal. IMT customers were particularly pleased with the quick response and portal’s ease of use. Comprehensive administration functions for uploading, editing and transferring data and detailed logs made the “SDP” app a valuable tool for the ZEISS employees as well.

In addition to the portal itself, a complex authentication and authorization component had to ensure that IMT customers are able download the exact software they require for their measuring devices.

Access control for the portal was achieved in close cooperation with Microsoft, using a preview version of the Azure Active directory B2C, permitting the administration of customer identities and access rights down to the level of each individual download file.

“The goal is to establish the Software Download Portal as the standard solution at ZEISS.”

Fabian Peschel in the Interview with ZEISS magazine ZiB International
Project Manager
Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH (IMT)

Extensible in many ways

The high level of customer benefits also drew the attention of other ZEISS divisions to the portal. XITASO has also recently adapted the portal for the ZEISS medical products division. Further extensions, from calling up software to sales of software and licenses for software update contract customers, are also planned.

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