ROMA Package Height Configurator

Mobile application for the calculation of assembly parameters

The challenge

Depending on the construction project and preferences, there are different ways to install a sun protection system. In order to make assembly easier, a comfortable solution was sought that would allow all ROMA customers to carry out a professional installation of venetian blinds.


ROMA KG, headquartered in Burgau, Bavaria, with six production sites and 1,300 employees, is a manufacturer of high-quality sun protection systems, roller shutters, venetian blinds, and textile screens.

How we helped

The aim was a mobile solution that gradually requests the required data from users and calculates the dimensions necessary for assembly based on this. A variety of mathematical formulas and expertise is required to ensure a professional selection and installation of the venetian blind system.


Java Objective-C HTML5 JavaScript Android iOS

Increased customer satisfaction through visual assistance

In close cooperation with ROMA, an appealing user interface was designed that fits into the existing ROMA design. Thanks to the simple and intuitive operation, it is now also possible for laymen to install ROMA venetian blinds professionally.

This contributes to the promotion of the satisfaction of ROMA customers. With the help of visual support, the user is guided step by step through the inputs. An input field is not displayed until the previous one has been filled in. Displaying small help texts also ensures that users enter the correct data in the appropriate field.

Integration in the web and as an app on mobile devices

In the end, the users have concrete, exact to the millimeter, information for the professional assembly of the venetian blind system. Furthermore, it is possible to have a technical drawing created to facilitate the installation through visualization.

The software solution was implemented as an iOS and Android app. In addition, a web application of the package height configurator was developed, which was integrated into the existing ROMA website.

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