Agile Coaching und Innovation

Concrete access points for cooperation

Design Sprint

The kickstart for innovative ideas in challenging market situations. Using methods from Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile, we develop innovative concepts together with your team in the shortest possible time and test the results with a strong user focus.

For teams that want to generate and test innovative, new ideas while benefiting from our moderation in a design sprint.

Agile Toolbox Training

Build the thing right! In this workshop you will get to know state-of-the-art tools and methods of agile product development.

For developers on the way to agile product development with an agile toolbox.

Der Weg zum Produkt-Visionär

Build the right thing! Werde Sie in unserem 2-tägigen Workshop zum Produkt-Visionär und lernen Sie modernste Methoden der agilen Produktentwicklung kennen.

Für Projektleiter*innen und Product Owner, die sich weiterentwickeln wollen.