Entry opportunities

XITASO is as versatlile as its employees.
Entry opportunities.

For professionally experienced people

Weigh-in with expert knowledge and develop yourself further; XITASO offers professionally experienced Software Developers and IT Specialists a broad field of possibilities for involvement. Whether as a Product Owner, experienced Developer or as a Consultant: our customer projects are diverse and give you the opportunity to push topics forward and contribute decisively to finding solutions. The freedom of design at XITASO is notably pronounced, and willingness to involve yourself with the latest technologies is a prerequisite.

For young experts

We rely on an internal Mentoring-Programm in order to best support career starters and younger colleagues. Regular meetings with the Mentor provide the Mentee not only with excellent, practice relevant, on-the-job training, but also the possibility to profit from the Mentor’s wealth of experience outside of daily business. Further training measures and other forms of personal development are also supported by XITASO with time and budget.

For students

XITASO offers Students many possibilities to apply knowledge in practical Software Development, in Marketing and Sales, in Administration and other areas of the Company, and to learn a great deal while doing so.

In an Internship you would work with us on a full-time basis, perhaps in the summer holidays. As an Intern in Software Development, you will be part of a project team, which will not only introduce you to the daily routine of development, but you will also be able to contribute your knowledge as a team member on an equal level. Experience has shown that embedding oneself in a project enables the best possible experience of the practicalities of Software Development.

We want to support exchanges with young talent and to profit from this ourselves; therefore we want to support you with your studies and offer long-term perspectives at XITASO, right up to graduation.

At the end of an Internship therefore, we work generally with students within the frame of a Working Student Position. We are exceptionally flexible in this regard, especially when it comes to work during the semester or in semester holidays.

We are also very interested in supporting degree theses and we can offer support here, both in the technological and economic questions. If we do not have a vacancy advertised for a degree thesis, we would be delighted to receive a speculative application.

Whether as a Student or an Intern; we meet on an equal footing. You are a valued member of a Team and will work productively on actual projects.

Combined Studies at XITASO

In a Dual or Combined Study you combine theory and practice ideally. The knowledge you acquire in the course of your University studies can be applied in concrete projects, during your practical in-Company training periods. Therefore, you learn not only why something works, you also learn how it is done. At the end of the four and a half year training you receive two degrees: one as an IT specialist in Application Development (CoC) and also a Bachelor in Informatics.

In the first 13 Months you absolve the regular training plan with alternating Vocational School weeks and practical phases at XITASO.
From your second year you begin to study; so the practical periods are then only in the times you have no lectures.

The Chamber of Commerce exam to become an IT specialist is taken after three years, and after a total of four and a half years you complete your studies with a Bachelor theseis.

The University of Applied Sciences Augsburg (Hochschule Augsburg) together with the Chamber of Commerce Schwaben (IHK Schwaben) also offers the Combined Studies course for IT. XITASO contributes to this program with an apprenticeship position.

We are looking forward to your application! Send us your documents as PDF via E-Mail to  jobs@xitaso.com.

Daniela Auger-Huggenberger, Phone: +49 821 885882-24.


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