Smart Factory

Smart Factory


Digitization is not only taking place in offices and on PCs. More often than not, the biggest opportunities lie in shop floors and warehouses. That is exactly where we go in order to identify the biggest potentials together with you. The digitization of factories brings long yearned-for production goals within reach, such as the much-cited batch size of one. Being up-to-date with the newest practice-oriented technological developments, we interpret the path to the Smart Factory as a step-by-step process. We always keep the immediate business value in mind.


Company structures that have grown over years or decades will not turn into a smart factory overnight. Once the potential has been identified, the goal is to create networking opportunities. It will still take a number of years until all the visions of the future, including autonomous manufacturing, are turned into reality. Nevertheless, direct and tangible effects towards flexibility and an increase in productivity can already be achieved in the preparatory phases. XITASO helps you to clearly define and optimize processes, to exploit efficiency potential in data acquisition and data processing as well as to structure master data and prepare them optimally for further networking.
In the next step, the information collected is made available. From the simple display of work instructions to visual or multimedia support (e.g. in picking systems) and through to context-sensitive augmented reality for employees, whether on a desktop computer, mobile devices or data glasses – the goal is to minimize time-consumers that do not add any value.


XITASO solutions for fully automated production processes offer not only high ease of operation, but also ensure secure communication between the protected internal production network and the various end devices. For us, ease of operation, cost-effectiveness and security are of equal importance. At the end of the day, the human must remain in control of the production process as well as the machines and robots involved. At the same time, the individual companies must achieve added value while denying hackers any opportunity to steal data or manipulate manufacturing processes. This also includes being able to monitor your production processes from various perspectives and having all production-relevant information and measured data brought to the users. The combination of control know-how and expertise in front-end and back-end development thus makes XITASO the ideal partner for smart factories.


  • Experience with Industrie 4.0 projects
  • Outstanding control expertise
  • Safety, security and cost-effectiveness for the smart factory
  • Integration with warehouse management systems
  • Transparent and structured project organization
  • Agile procedure and mindset
  • Big Data consulting for “hidden champions”
  • Costs and business value constantly in focus
  • Targeted consulting in industry-specific matters
  • Intermediary between the material and digital worlds of production
  • Consulting and support in the implementation of agile work methods


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