Traditionally, industrial robots are found predominantly in fully automated subprocesses. Examples include body-in-white production in the automotive sector, handling or painting tasks. Such tasks do not come close, however, to taking full advantage of the potential of the industrial robots currently available.
Modern robot controllers allow the efficient and safe use of industrial robots even in areas in which only partial automation is possible. This is where human operators and robots must work together. This cooperation is made possible by new developments in sensor systems, hardware and software. We are an experienced partner well versed in these technologies, networking them and creating cost-effective solutions for end users: from proof-of-concept and prototypes to trade fair demonstrators and productive application.


Big data analytics promises immense productivity gains in many areas. In order to achieve this, however, standardized communications architecture and a joint data concept are required. As a result, interfaces between machines, robots and tools must be standardized. Parallel to this, however, it is also necessary to enable the individual technical end devices to understand the relevant subprocesses. Only then can the corresponding data be acquired automatically.
We have specialized in this field and are able to put these methods to productive use, not only with conventional machines and systems, but also in complex, cooperative and mobile robotics scenarios.


Today, we currently find robots almost exclusively in large-scale production. This is set to change significantly in the coming years, however. Forecasts predict that the number of robots worldwide will almost double by the year 2020. The current ratio of 300 industrial robots to 10,000 workers in Germany is also set to change. In the future, the relative number of robots is expected to increase.
XITASO accompanies these trends at many different levels as a driver of innovation. Examples range from demonstrators for augmented reality-assisted robot programming processes and intelligent program adaptation using artificial intelligence to software for service robotics and medical robotics. We work in close cooperation with robot manufacturers, corporate research departments, research institutes and universities.


  • Expansion of robotic frameworks
  • Vertical software integration (ERP, MES, SCADA robots)
  • Standardization of machine communication with OPC UA
  • Innovative operator control concepts for HRC
  • Customer-specific robot applications
  • Development of efficient tools for robotics
  • Professional trade fair demonstrators
  • Sunrise programming
  • Official KUKA systems partner
  • Intelligent networking of robots
  • Production optimization in robotics
  • Visualization and monitoring of production lines
  • Mobile robotics


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