OPC UA is an absolute megatrend in automation right now, and justifiably so. The OPC UA standard forms the base upon which the most varied machines, plants and IT systems are networked with each other, simply and uniformly. This public standard has in the meantime been implemented by a plethora of manufacturers for their machines. Simultaneously, a complete range of wrapper technologies and edge devices have been developed, in order to equip hardware, which is not yet OPC UA ready, with corresponding capabilities. Thereby, the basis has been laid for implementation in practice.

Sample scenario: Implementation of OPC UA in Brown field plants

Our offer

OPC UA is the foundation of a central technology for implementing an effective, data driven process optimisation in manufacturing companies. To this end a migration strategy must be defined in order to be able to record the data from all systems involved in production and to link them.

We, as XITASO, have specialised in this area in conjunction with our customers, in order to deliver efficiency and reliability. We offer support to our customers in the following areas, amongst others:

  • Planning and design of a production-wide introduction of OPC UA
  • Evaluation and selection of suitable software technologies and systems
  • Cross-process optimisation of data recording from production facilities
  • Introduction and implementation of associated aggregation and data storage systems
  • Creation and introduction of information models and Companion Specifications
  • Design and realisation of standard and specialised value-added applications
  • Integration of aggregation and data storage systems, as well as value-added applications, in the existing IT and application environment

Diverse technologies

Merely focussing on a single technology resp. a specific software stack would not suit the heterogeneous nature of our customers. XITASO sees itself as an independent consultant and service provider. Therefore, we compare diverse technologies in the best interests of our customers and introduce the best solutions to them. A major benefit in this respect is our broad range of implementation projects with the most diverse SPS systems (e.g. Siemens, Beckhoff, …), OPC UA implementations (e.g. Unified Automation, …) and on to SCADA and ERP systems (e.g. ZENON, SAP, MindSphere, …).

Further development and research

In parallel, we are actively involved in standardisation and further development endeavours, both in practical, industrial areas as well as in the context of scientific research. We invite you to contact our team, led by Prof. Dr. Frank Ortmeier, independent of whether you have a concrete requirement or merely wish to exchange information on current trends.

Your contact partner


Prof. Dr. Frank Ortmeier
Tel. +49 391 792930-00

XITASO ist Mitglied bei der OPC Foundation

XITASO is a member of the OPC Foundation.


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