Industrie 4.0

Industrie 4.0


In Germany, the term “Industrie 4.0” has prevailed to describe the impact of digitization on manufacturing processes. The term is in large parts synonymous to Digital Manufacturing or Manufacturing 2.0. It also overlaps with Internet of Things (IoT).

At XITASO, we consider Industrie 4.0 a big opportunity to open up new business areas, improve productivity and customer relationship.

The path to success is unique for each and every company. XITASO accompanies you through all phases, from general Technology Scouting and the analysis of most promising areas of action to implementation strategies and maintenance.


Industrie 4.0 describes the comprehensive digital interconnection of the entire value added chain. This process is supposed to culminate in a vision of manufacturing, in which intelligent products control their own production.

Particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises, such scenarios sound like science fiction. They need practicable solutions and immediate results. At XITASO, we focus on the direct entrepreneurial value for our customers.

There is no generic answer to the question, which aspects of digitization companies should tackle first. Jointly with our customers, we thus identify digitization potentials on-site, tracing where the interconnection of processes and resources is most fruitful.

Depending on the individual situation, benefits can be achieved by vertical integration between technical and business processes or by horizontal integration, along the value added chain or even beyond company borders.


Company structures, which have grown over years and decades do not become “Smart Factories” overnight. Once potentials are identified, integration opportunities need to be developed further.

The way to autonomous production might still be long, but noticeable effects on flexibility and productivity can already be gained in the preparation phases. XITASO assists its customers in:

  • Defining and optimizing business and manufacturing processes
  • Exploiting efficiency potentials in collection and processing of data
  • Structuring and preparing master data for further integration

The next step is to make the collected information available on devices that are most appropriate in the individual context. No matter if on a desktop computer, mobile devices or on smart glasses, from a simple display to visual or multimedia support (e.g. picking systems) to context-sensitive Augmented Reality for the employee – our goal is to increase efficiency.

Integration between different business units or between multiple companies is the central goal of Industrie 4.0. We advocate a step-by-step approach, by applying only those technologies that at a given point in time really add value to the affected business process. Oftentimes, already the tracking of objects (e.g. with RFID) can be a good starting point, which later can evolve further in terms of the Internet of Things.


Digital Engineering forces all involved parties to continuous change. Only close collaboration between scientific disciplines and business areas will ensure long-term corporate success.

In many areas it is not clear yet, which technologies and standards will prevail. Our experts stay abreast of all practice-relevant developments.


  • One-stop source for counseling and implementation
  • Focused counseling in industry-specific issues
  • Management counseling with IT knowhow
  • Big Data counseling for “hidden champions”
  • Structured test management
  • Assistance with the implementation of agile work methods


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