Over the past few years, the interaction between modern network technology and mobile devices with a large display and great processing power has enabled the mobile exchange of information and data at any time. Until recently, however, this still required explicit actions on the part of the user in order to interact with the individual devices.
With the development of smaller smart gadgets, such as fitness trackers, smart watches and similar devices, a new level of assistance has been reached. Unlike normal smartphones, these devices can detect the context of the user and respond to it, without the need for an explicit action on the part of the operator.
Meanwhile, a new level of assistance technology is beginning to establish itself, which falls under the categories of augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality (AR, VR, MR): for example, intelligent data glasses – so-called smart glasses – enable the pervasive display of information, without an active contribution from the user. Smart glasses are generally equipped with sensors and cameras that permanently follow the user’s direction of vision. The focus of the user’s attention can thus be detected automatically, together with their interest and the context. Consequently, information can be displayed for the user in a way that adapts to the situation. This opens up a whole new range of application scenarios that can be implemented.


Following on from technological breakthroughs on the hardware side, and developments such as the Microsoft HoloLens or Google Glass, the focus now is on the rapid creation of new fields of application, innovative applications and business models. Alongside a new generation of entertainment media, these include the visualization of machine data in live operation and tool-assisted support functions for maintenance, repair and overhaul, or MRO for short. Another possibility is collaborative 3D planning (e.g. for the planning of kitchens, factory production lines or interior design) or customized marketing on the basis of augmented reality technology (e.g. virtual display of special retail offers adapted to the customer).
XITASO recognized these trends early on. We have the expertise to implement such applications quickly, professionally and reliably. Our portfolio of expertise ranges from innovative user experience solutions with current mobile technologies, data glasses and AR/VR to connection to back office and cloud systems.


In the future, pervasive assistance systems could eliminate information signs, road signs, warning signs and billboards entirely. This vision is closer than you think. The HoloLens from Microsoft, for example, already enables virtual door plates with variable contents to be anchored in specific places. Video conferences of the future could feature holographic 3D avatars generated using sensors integrated in the room for real-time-capable 3D spatial data acquisition. Again, this is already possible today, albeit not in a photorealistic manner.
Intelligent glasses are also expected to play a decisive role in the development of artificial personal assistants. In the same way that the Personal Digital Assistant has allowed us to carry personal information with us for almost 20 years now, this new generation of systems will be able to support us independently in our everyday lives and to perform routine tasks autonomously. XITASO is involved in various research projects in this area and cooperates closely with universities and colleges to explore the latest technologies and fields of application. In this way, XITASO is helping to realize visions of human-centered AR and VR applications that are compliant with data protection regulations.


  • Experts for state-of-the-art VR, AR and MR glasses
  • Innovative user experience and interaction design solutions
  • Needs-based choice of end devices
  • Recognized expertise in mobile app development
  • AR-based maintenance, repair and overhaul
  • MR-assisted marketing and customer retention
  • Collaborative 3D planning
  • Solutions compliant with data protection regulations
  • Professional integration with existing IT systems
  • Innovation consulting, e.g. accessing new markets with AR


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