At XITASO, we consider Industrie 4.0 a big opportunity to open up new business areas, improve productivity and customer relationship. The path to success is unique for each and every company. XITASO accompanies you through all phases, from general Technology Scouting and the analysis of most promising areas of action to implementation strategies and maintenance. More…


Digitization is not only taking place in offices and on PCs. More often than not, the biggest opportunities lie in shop floors and warehouses. That is exactly where we go in order to identify the biggest potentials together with you. Being up-to-date with the newest practice-oriented technological developments, we interpret the path to the Smart Factory as a step-by-step process. We always keep the immediate business value in mind. More…


Traditionally, industrial robots are found predominantly in fully automated subprocesses. Such tasks do not come close, however, to taking full advantage of the potential of the industrial robots currently available. XITASO accompanies trends in robotics at many different levels as a driver of innovation. More…


Data analytics, modern learning processes and calculation technologies promise huge business potential for companies. However, it is often a long hard road to their implementation in practice. Data must be collected, purged, aggregated and linked before a meaningful data analysis is possible. As a digitization partner, XITASO is paving the way for the efficient and responsible handling of data. More…


Digitization is also an important and future-oriented topic in the healthcare sector. In order to remain competitive, stakeholders are required to tap new technologies and adapt them optimally to the given financial and social framework conditions. XITASO offers individualized solutions for analyzing and planning processes in the healthcare industry. Our particular expertise is in the area of HR planning and automated personnel scheduling in hospitals. More…


Over the past few years, the interaction between modern network technology and mobile devices with a large display and great processing power has enabled the mobile exchange of information and data at any time. Until recently, however, this still required explicit actions on the part of the user in order to interact with the individual devices. Recent technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality (AR, VR, MR) open up a whole new range of application scenarios that can be implemented. More…


OPC UA is an absolute megatrend in automation right now, and justifiably so. The OPC UA standard forms the base upon which the most varied machines, plants and IT systems are networked with each other, simply and uniformly. This public standard has in the meantime been implemented by a plethora of manufacturers for their machines. Simultaneously, a complete range of wrapper technologies and edge devices have been developed, in order to equip hardware, which is not yet OPC UA ready, with corresponding capabilities. Thereby, the basis has been laid for implementation in practice. More…


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