Increase your factory’s productivity in just two days

With Live OEE Reporting for automated production

How can a well-functioning production landscape be further optimized? There are always new possibilities with digitization and technical development. Systems do not merely produce, but also provide a variety of information that must be interpreted correctly. How well you deal with this constantly increasing amount of information and can draw the right conclusions determines the future viability of modern productions.

Key figures of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), such as waste or runtimes, help to get an overview of the entire production process or cross-plant alarm and maintenance management. The result is an increase in productivity and quality through transparency achieved throughout the entire process. Unscheduled downtimes are avoided.

Our starter package for a quick start

Try out live OEE reporting on a small scale on a machine in an uncomplicated way and you will generate quick added value without much effort.

1. Kick-Off

Together with you, we define requirements and configurations for your production.

2. Installation

We install the Connector Box on site and introduce you to OEE Live Reporting.

3. Nutzung

After two days of installation, you will test OEE Live Reporting for six weeks.

4. Final Workshop

Afterwards, we evaluate the results together with you and show you further possibilities for action and expansion. After that, you decide whether you extend the term or not.

Your contact person

Christian Heinrich
Tel. +49 821 885882-40

Your contact person

Christian Heinrich
Tel. +49 821 885882-40

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    All machine and plant data transparent at a glance, and that in real time


    Fast identification and elimination of production bottlenecks and disruptions


    Increase the reliability of your production facility


    Maximize the overall utilization of your production facilities


    Increase of return on investment (ROI) after a very short time


    Connection of further machines at any time, according to your needs

    The communication with your machines is carried out as follows

    With the connection of a communicator to the production units, they can be networked with each other. Thus, the necessary data is recorded, analyzed and visually displayed in Live OEE Reporting. This provides you with a solid basis for measures to increase the productivity of your factory.

    Connector Box

    The Connector Box serves as a communicator and automatically collects information from the connected machine(s). This includes, for example, data on machine conditions, production, fault and maintenance times or even quantities produced. This data is transmitted in real time and displayed in OEE Live Reporting.

    The connection takes place via OPC UA or an OPC UA Gateway.

    Live OEE Reporting

    The machine and plant data of the Connector Box are analyzed and visualized for you during interactive OEE Live Reporting. Via the web interface, you can view the results at any time from all desired devices. Your maintenance personnel thus receive direct information about the machine activities, such as set-up and re-setting or the production of yields and waste, and can react accordingly and plan ahead.

    Depending on the existing infrastructure, the solution is possible in the cloud or on your own servers.

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