Smart Production

Concrete entry points into a cooperation

Live OEE Reporting

Automized production through the OEE Dashboard. Try out Live OEE Reporting on a machine on a small scale and generate quick added value without much effort.

For production managers who are ready to step into networked, smart production.

Smart Data Workshop

In our Smart Data Workshop, we introduce you to the topics of data science and AI, illustrate successful concepts from research and practice and show you how you can implement data science in business-relevant processes in your company.

For all those who want to know what treasures are hidden in your process and machine data.

Data Quick Check

Even small steps in the field of data science generate great added value. With the data quick check from XITASO, you have an overview of your data and the right recommendations for your use case at hand after only two workshops.

For all those who want to generate added value for their production with the first steps of data analysis.