Listening, targeted questions and profound understanding – these are the crucial factors of success for any focused counselling. Understanding the individual requirements of our customers enables us to provide value-adding IT solutions that match the specific needs of the client. This is precisely the goal of every IT consultancy at XITASO.
Using our expertise, we identify digitization potential in your company while also helping to optimize your business processes and to develop a digital strategy aimed at making your company fit for the digital future. Interdisciplinary thinking is one of our core competencies. Comprehensive project experience and the ability to think laterally enable us to provide cross-sectoral and efficient solutions.


We provide you with support in the step-by-step planning and implementation of optimal measures for your company. Because for us, the digital transformation is a step-by-step process. Thanks to our experience in a wide range of development projects in all areas of digitization, we know which procedure and which resources are perfectly suited to your requirement. Through this knowledge and with the help of our agile development philosophy, we jointly identify an existing product solution with you or find an individually developed software solution which optimally supports your business strategy and is perfectly tailored to your needs. For our experts, cost-efficiency is always a priority.
Besides the opportunities offered by digitization, we also support you throughout the entire process in combating potential risks in order to guide you safely through the digital transformation.


The selection, deployment, start-up and renewal of software landscapes within companies typically involve a high degree of complexity. As with our software development, we thus also address the consulting process in a structured and agile manner, enabling IT solutions to be assessed for their business value. That is why we think from small to big – and not the other way round. Incrementally, with fully functional and value-adding interim results. In this manner, you also profit from our methodological skills and extensive experience in agile development. At the same time, you are involved in every project step.


  • Consulting and implementation from a single source
  • Identification of digitization potential
  • Support in process optimization
  • Creation of digital strategies
  • Cross-industry and multidisciplinary thinking
  • Transparent and structured project organization
  • Agile procedure and mindset
  • Targeted consulting in all aspects of digitization
  • Costs and business value constantly in focus
  • Consulting and support in the implementation of agile work methods
  • Sustainable knowledge transfer

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