Automated Deployment Planning

Automated Deployment Planning

Reduce planning efforts, save costs and simultaneously increase scheduling quality.

Automated and demand-oriented scheduling provides

  • the correct employee
  • with the correct qualifications
  • at the right time
  • in the right workstation
  • while taking into account contract regulations and individual provisions.
  • Optimal utilization control
  • Traffic light function for over/undercoverage
  • Simplified management of leave/vacation applications
  • Management of employee data (Work contracts, Certificates, Qualifications)
  • Interfaces to existing personnel management systems
  • Fully automatic generation of schedule (taking into account duty/shift preferences and absences)
  • Staff and workstation rostering
  • Long-term training plan
  • Individual requirements for each workstation
  • Flexible adaptation of demand (public holidays, summer break)
  • Simple schedule adaptation in case of unexpected absences, such as sickness
  • Online access to duty, shift and workstation rosters
  • Overview of personal training status
  • Input of personal shift preferences
  • Vacation requests and comparison with personal leave quota
  • Notification of shift changes
  • Simplified access to contact information of colleagues/managers

More Efficiency

  • Big time savings for schedulers and optimal utilization of employees
  • Automated scheduling frees up employees
  • Simplification of administrative, manual processes, for example leave/vacation requests
  • Simple data insights through central management platform

More Quality

  • Complexity in scheduling is reduced, which would not be possible manually
  • Better coverage of personnel demand, particularly during periods of staff shortage and decision-making support in leave/vacation approvals
  • Labour law guidelines and individual agreements
  • Seamless documentation of relevant content

More Satisfaction

  • Fair and comprehensible assignment of shifts and tasks
  • Clear representation of individual employees’ training progress
  • Transparent assignment of tasks according to individual needs
  • High fulfilment rates for preferences for shift and training scheduling

Scientific mathematical optimisation

The planning components of our software are based on scientific methods of Operations Research/Management Science, in particular mathematical optimisation. This enables our software to automatically create an optimal deployment schedule according to your input criteria, in the shortest time imaginable. Several scientific publications in the area of Operations Research with a focus on deployment scheduling with mathematical optimisation underline our competency.

Experienced and agile development team

We look back on, and benefit from, a multitude of successful projects in the areas of digitization and process optimization. Our team of highly qualified experts assists you on site and supports the restructuring of your processes and the configuration of the software. We provide user trainings to help your employees work efficiently with our scheduling software.


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