Quality is our solution. This slogan unites the entire team of XITASO. And since high quality is a joint effort, every single team member is key.

Joining us means you will be able to work in flat hierarchies and get the opportunity to take responsibility right from the start. Currently, more than 100 XITASO experts are working for our customers, sharing 800 square meters in the Augsburg Parc Piccard, between indoor boulder center and skating hall, with our own BBQ area between the river Wertach and the Senkelbach. Since 2016, there exists a second site in Magdeburg.

Because we take recreational activities evenly important as our professional work.

We are experts for first-class software solutions, setting a high value on

amica­ble co­ope­ra­ti­on. And we are loo­king for ad­di­tio­nal staff!

Our gra­dua­tes, app­ren­ti­ces and and ju­ni­or de­ve­l­o­pers be­ne­fit from XI­TA­SO’s men­to­ring pro­gram.

If as in­tern, work stu­dent or for wri­ting a the­sis, we offer a va­rie­tey of pos­si­bi­li­ties for students.

XI­TA­SO also sup­ports com­bi­ned stu­dies in the con­text of the Ger­man dual sys­tem stu­dies, Dua­les Ver­bund­stu­di­um.

By our mul­ti­le­vel ap­p­li­ca­ti­on pro­ce­du­re we aim to find out if you and XI­TA­SO make a good team.



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