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Agility is deep in our DNA. Since processes, methods and work culture can rarely be separated from each other, we ensure that our teams reach their full potential through continuous coaching. There is no blueprint for excellence: we draw on a whole collection of approaches and frameworks that we use and develop.

Through inspiration, reflection, provocation and passion, our Agile Coaches guide their teams through the discovery process to the best course of action for each of our clients’ complex challenges.

These tasks interest you

  • You will actively contribute to building an agile work environment that focuses on continuous learning by working directly with employees, teams, and communities of practice.
  • You empower and coach teams, communities of practice, and individuals across the organization.
  • As an agile organizational designer, you support the finding, setting up and tracking of suitable organizational forms (current focus on OKR).
  • As an agile conductor, you will orchestrate agile values at the organizational level and promote the agile mindset and an agile leadership culture.
  • Together with your coaching team, you will promote the self-management of the teams and strengthen independent work, collaboration and exchange. You will rely on agile frameworks without being dogmatic.
  • With your coaching team, you will advance the development of the entire company through the continuous exchange of knowledge and experience.
  • As an agile ambassador, you occasionally speak at events, moderate workshops or accompany change processes.

That makes you stand out

  • You have several years of practical coaching experience, possibly some well-grounded coaching training – good questions are your strength!
  • You are an expert in agile methods and organizational forms and enjoy constantly expanding your repertoire.
  • You have practical experience with frameworks such as e.g., Scrum, Kanban or OKR.
  • Terms like Team Dynamic, Theory of Constraints, Teal Organizations, Management 3.0, Holacracy and Design Sprint are not foreign words to you.
  • You have several years of professional experience in agile teams (e.g., as a PO, Scrum Master or as a member of an agile development team).
  • You have excellent methodological knowledge and practical experience in workshop design, training, team development and moderation.
  • You can put yourself in your counterpart’s shoes and communicate on an equal footing.
  • Your viewpoint encompasses the whole system: you understand what it requires to turn a group of people into a successful team.
  • You are empathetic, committed and infect others with your enthusiasm and passion.
  • Your language skills make it possible for you to perform your role in German and English.

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