Web Applications


Web technologies provide platform-independent access to information. Connected with the Internet, web apps offer a flexible, widely standardized communication structure to exchange information between different areas of operation. Cost and efficiency benefits through the use of web technologies, also in manufacturing and automation, are evident.


Web-based applications immediately open in the browser. They do not have to be installed, and thanks to responsive design, they can be used independently from the type of end device. Since most users are familiar with standard browser functionalities, this oftentimes also saves licences and training costs.

Moreover, web technologies have also become a basis for desktop and mobile applications. With the use of cross-platform frameworks, web apps so to speak broke out of the browser. JavaScript, HTML, and CSS become the basis for executable program files for Windows, Mac, or mobile Apps for Android, iOS and UWP. One single codebase is sufficient. XITASO makes extensive use of these synergies for the efficiency, expandability and platform-independence of your custom-made software.


Classic web portals and online shops still are the prime basis for revenue generation on the web. Success in many cases depends on the ideal combination of components. Content and functionalities that are relevant to the user must be quickly and intuitively accessible. Jointly with our customers, we define or develop the right components and optimize the usability. At the same time, we keep track of synergetic effects that might emerge from using the codebase for mobile or desktop apps.

But web-based systems have much more to offer, as they allow platform-independent access to information of embedded systems and machine-to-machine communication. With our long-time experience in automation, XITASO specializes in the use of web technologies in the manufacturing area.