Engineering Software


Computer sciences and mechanical engineering are two subjects, which become increasingly entangled with one another.

Nowadays, mechanical components account for only around three quarters of modern machine building. The remaining quarter is software, electrical engineering and IT hardware. This trend is accelerating.

Machine controls, operating software, micro controllers and all other programmable IT elements are based on in-depth knowledge of process technology. Since its foundation, specialists in the areas of robotics and automation belong to the XITASO team, embodying one of our core competencies.


Manufacturing 2.0, Cyber-Physical-Systems, Internet of Things, Industrie 4.0. Recently, many new terms have come into use, which have one thing in common; they describe innovations, which in the years to come will be of central interest to industrial manufacturers that want to stay in business.

At XITASO, we engage in connecting product development, production and logistics – efficiently and user friendly. Our practical and individual approach enables our customers to take flexibility, quality and stability to the next level.

Drastic technological changes are taking place both on the factory floor and in logistic chains, as information technology consistently interlinks intelligent machines and products, storage systems and production facilities. In Germany, the term Industrie 4.0 has prevailed to describe this phenomenon as the fourth industrial revolution, which is affecting the entire value added chain from production and logistics to marketing and service. In order to find innovative solutions, engineers and computer specialists in many cases are facing the same challenges, forcing both expert groups to combine their approaches.

With custom-made tools for monitoring, diagnosis, configuration, automation and service we help you optimize your production processes. Finding innovative multimedia solutions for our customers is one of the central factors of success of XITASO.


We offer embedded solutions for various platforms, no matter if closely tied to the underlying hardware in C or object-oriented in C++. The implementation of classic desktop applications is also part of XITASO’s portfolio. As certified Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner we are home in the .NET framework. But of course we are also perfectly familiar with Java.