Listening, targeted questions and profound understanding – these are the crucial factors of success for any focused counseling. Understanding the individual requirements of our customers enables us to provide value-adding IT solutions that match the specific needs of the client. This is precisely the goal of every IT consultancy at XITASO.



Digitization is not only taking place in offices and on PCs. More often than not, the biggest opportunities lie in shop floors and warehouses. That is exactly where we go in order to identify the biggest potentials together with you. Being up-to-date with the newest practice-oriented technological developments, we interpret the path to the Smart Factory as a step-by-step process. We always keep the immediate business value in mind.  Here you learn how XITASO can improve your return on investment.



Sophisticated architectures and the selection of the most suitable functional elements are the basis for efficient usage o information and communication technologies in the enterprise. Through our multifaceted development experience, we know exactly which individual solution perfectly matches the needs of our customers. See how we support your business strategy.