At XITASO we develop software, following the agile development methodology Scrum.

Stemming from the rugby sport, the term Scrum hints at the close interplay of the various persons that are involved in a project.

Being empirical, iterative and incremental, Scrum allows us to make sure that our customers get exactly what they need. By adapting features and functionalities in minimum time we achieve maximum risk control.

The three pillars of Scrum are absolute transparency, standardized control mechanisms and quickest possible adaption.

The work process is divided into relatively short development phases, so-called sprints. After each sprint, the team releases a new executable version of the software.

Our software developers are the experts! There is no one, who knows better in what way things can be done best. This is why our development teams are self-organized, making costly management hierarchies obsolete.

The so-called Product Owner is the point of contact for our customers. Keeping a vision of the final product in mind, the PO defines and prioritizes the particular tasks.

One of our certified Scrum Masters is coaching the development team, taking care that the established Scrum procedures are being adhered to.